Weekly photo challenge: Layered


The reality behind this frozen sheet of ice reveals itself every year in June. The layer of ice thaws away, leaving behind ice rocks of different shapes and sizes. The ice can only last so long on the surface of the water – 9 months;  during the summery months, it reveals its genuine self.

It’s like humans, you know. When someone is nice, we don’t know for sure if it’s just a façade, and the person has some ulterior motive, or if s/he’s just, genuinely nice. The world we live in is seemingly great – there’s harmony in most countries, there’s development, there’s nature; but this is only at a superficial level. This is something you’d say if you lived in Mars.

You’ve got to be one of us, to truly know the truth of what it feels like on planet Earth. You’ve actually got to live here, to understand what conflict feels like, to understand that income inequality exists, to understand that global warming is our biggest natural enemy. But all these experiences take time. One doesn’t just simply understand this from living on Earth for 1 week.

It takes time for someone or something to reveal their real self, just like how the sea spends 3/4 of its life putting on an icy layer, and only 1/4 shedding it and being true to itself.

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” (Quotes from the Buddha)

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